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A youth development consultancy, dedicated to character and leadership development.

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Get to know us 

Imani Academy & Co is a consulting group that works with young people, communities, organisations and research organisations to increase youth and community leadership, participation, governance and inclusion.

Our Founder

Imani Clough-Brown

Founder & Principal Consultant 

Imani Clough-Brown is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Imani Academy & Co, a consulting firm dedicated to the character and leadership development of young people.


Imani specialises in recruiting, safeguarding and implementing youth participation and engagement strategies. She has worked in education and the social impact sector for over 12-years. As a Consultant and Facilitator she has supported organisations to effectively engage young people and historically underrepresented communities in their work, from community projects through to governance.


She has worked as a consultant for The British Youth Council, UK Fire Service, Youth Futures Foundation and The University of Birmingham's Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. Imani  combines her professional experience and knowledge to consult and advise organisations on how to recruit, safeguard, and champion youth and community voice. With a focus on why and how organisations can adopt 'Co' approaches for projects and services, such as co-production, co-design, and co-creation.


Imani's bachelor's degree in Youth Justice, master's degree in Character Education and Somatic Coaching certification inform her practice. She is always focused on helping teams meet their missions effectively, whilst centering creativity and peer learning. 

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Ways to work with us

Imani Academy & Co recognise that different organisations and groups are at different stages of youth and community engagement and participation. We offer bespoke packages to suit a wide variety of learning contexts.

Training and Coaching 

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Delivered in three parts: An Introduction to Youth Participation 101 is our flagship course. The principles, process, and practice of youth participation are introduced in this course. You will discover how to promote effective participation in your practice, the spectrum of involvement, the benefits and barriers to participation and how to value and encourage the voices of children and young people in order to build their character and leadership potential. You will have the option to schedule follow-up coaching meetings to reflect on your learning and get help on any programmes or initiatives you decide to pursue. If you want something more in-depth, we offer a bespoke training package.

Facilitation and Event Partners

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Imani Academy & Co works with clients to efficiently execute, facilitate and moderate conferences, workshops, peer learning circles, and other events. Organisations can partner with Imani Academy & Co consultants to co-create and co-lead strategy days, leadership development training, youth and community centered events. 

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