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I hold space that allows people to think about how social problems & structures affect them and the people they interact with, in the different spaces they occupy — providing them with guidance on the steps they can make to challenge the status quo.

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Whether you’re an individual, school, charity or start-up, I can help you work in alignment with your values, connect the dots and encourage you to challenge the status quo!

In recent years I’ve used my skills and experience to drive positive change in education, communities and organisations.

I strongly believe that when individuals, groups and communities feel valued, they become more effective in their outer work in service of people and planet. 

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What i do and how 

Since 2017 I’ve worked with individuals, schools, charities and start-ups to develop ambitious campaigns, initiatives and projects for social change.


I offer a range of practical training on youth participation; character, leadership and belonging in education.


Courses include:

  1. Understanding youth participation for teachers/youth practitioners and senior leaders in organisations (aimed at people wanting to increase the spectrum of youth participation)

  2. An introduction to youth participation (aimed at people new to youth participation) 

  3. Belonging in education: Character and Leadership (with a focus on inclusion and Identity)

Courses can be delivered privately and tailored to your organisation, or you can attend an open training session as and when new dates are published. Please register your interest and let me know your timezone and format preference (e.g. live or remote).

Education Consulting

I facilitate youth participation programmes, enrichment programmes in partnership with children and young people and staff. In my experience, this works best when I co-facilitate with someone from your team, organisation or community to help me best understand your context and work with a peer to peer approach. I won’t facilitate anything that creates harm to communities or the environment.


Here are some examples of projects:

  1. Developing youth engagement frameworks, tools and resources

  2. Gathering insights from young people to inform a new strategy or service

  3. Designing, delivering and documenting a new enrichment programme or supporting young people to explore something new, discover new passions and develop deeper relationships with their peers through social action

For consulting rates and further examples of work please contact me.

Coaching and Facilitation

I offer one-on-one and small group coaching and facilitation for purpose driven leaders and professionals. I know firsthand that leading change can be difficult and that it can help to have a safe, calm place to come to for support and direction. I draw on extensive experience across not-for-profits, education and social care and a range of practical tools and frameworks to support your learning and project delivery. While I use my tools, I draw on the tools and frameworks of many other practitioners and fields. 


For coaching rates please contact me.

Each quarter of the year I reserve a number of coaching spaces in my diary for activists and social change makers, fees operate on a sliding scale in line with what you feel you can afford. 

All services are delivered by IMANI ACADEMY, DIRECTOR IMANI CLOUGH and, occasionally, ASSOCIATE FACILITATORS, CONSULTANTS and project collaborators. Read IMANI'S bio or view IMANI'S background on LinkedIn.

"I can't thank Imani enough for the work she has done with us this year. From facilitating a student voice project exploring belonging, to creating, delivering and evaluating a whole school staff training session on intersectionality and anti-racist practice, Imani has worked with expertise, calmness & professionalism and has helped us considerably."

Rebecca Tigue FRSA, Director of the University Training School, University of Birmingham School

samples of select previous work

Here are a few highlights of my coaching, facilitation and education consulting work. 

  • Character Education Consultant, The Jubilee Centre for Character and VirtuesThe practical handbook offers an overview of the value of virtues and character education for mentors in education, going on to present a case study and practical guidance for those looking to introduce a character-led approach to mentoring. In this podcast episode I share more about my work in education. 

  • Youth Participation Consultant, (LEPs, VCSE, UK Fire Cadets and Schools), focusing on why and how organisations can implement youth participation in the projects and programmes they deliver, offering advice and guidance on how to recruit, safeguard and support youth voice.

  • Mentor and Youth Engagement Practitioner, (Children's Social Services and Schools), I facilitated a series of workshops for young people aged 12-18 years' to support their personal, social and emotional development, we explored topics such as, healthy friendships and relationships, mental health and wellbeing, self esteem and confidence and identity and belonging.

  • Host Facilitator,  Enrol Yourself, I hosted a 6 month global learning accelerator; a peer-led Learning Marathon called Education for Liberation, specifically for those who wanted to reimagine education for the future of learning. Each participant explored a self-selected learning question. My question was: ‘How can we learn and feel like we belong, at the same time?’

  • Programme Facilitator, Future Founders Accelerator, Hatch Enterprise, as a facilitator working with female founders over a 6-month programme I will be supporting them to accelerate their business’ success through coaching and facilitation.

  • Programme Facilitator and Coach, Purpose Driven Leaders Programme, curating and delivering on all all aspects of a 3 month coaching and leadership development programme, for women of colour working on the frontline of community development either as a business leader, founder or member of the senior leadership team in a charity, non profit or for social profit enterprise. 

  • Coach, Sony Music, coaching 5 interns at Sony to support them as early careerists with personal development and work life balance.

  • Associate CoachSchool for Social Entrepreneurs, virtual coaching support for participants of the Creative Leadership Programme to support people working in the arts and cultural sector who want to strengthen their leadership skills; are driven by social impact in their work..

For a full description of my career history and qualifications, please visit LinkedIn.

Thank you for sharing such wise wisdom with our participants, I think they particularly valued hearing about how you approach freelance work and how prospective applications can work in their favour. This in particular, I feel, was a huge boost to their confidence and understanding of how to approach their job search as they entered the final days of the Stand Out Programme.

—Meghan Causer, Senior Programmes Delivery Officer UpRising UK

I think that before I started working with you, I was quite lost and my life was extremely chaotic. I was someone who probably spent less time thinking about what I was doing or how I actually wanted to do things and more time just going through life worrying/stressing myself out. My confidence grew as I was more comfortable in being vulnerable and honest about what I was going through or how I was feeling. I realised how passionate I actually am about certain subjects and I was shown the multiple realms I can do work in or explore. I was reminded that I am only 17! I have my whole life ahead of me. Journaling helped me a lot and stretching myself to push outside of my comfort zone. I feel more centred and able to evaluate what works for me going forward.

— Olivia, Politics and History Student - Coachee

I worked with Imani on the Character Education and Mentoring Practical Handbook. It was great to work with Imani and bring her unique perspective across both areas to bear on the publication. It’s a great output and Imani was a pleasure to work with. It has been well-received by practitioners and should continue to be used in schools.

I really do appreciate all our coaching sessions this past year, it’s GREATLY improved my mindset, I’ve been able to improve my working habits – the good and bad – to approach my work in a healthier way. I ask for clarity a lot more now. 
I’ll be moving into a new role in January as a Junior Producer. I can happily say my coaching experience contributed to my progression.

—GG, Sony Music Intern - Coachee


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—Aidan Thompson, Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues

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