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Coaching with Imani

As a Consultant, supporting several substantial youth and community initiatives, Imani brings a wealth of experience; from fundraising to strategy, project management and stakeholder partnerships.


She is a sought after national speaker - - on the topics of (character) education,  women's empowerment, systems change and curriculum design.


Having worked with and for young people, parents, teachers and youth workers for over 10 years, she is an expert at engaging, coaching and building rapport with young people and supporting those who work with and for them to do the same.


Imani founded Imani Academy in 2016, where she designed and delivered youth empowerment mentoring programmes and train the trainer sessions for practitioners, centred around youth engagement. Imani has been recognised for her work in this space, receiving an award for Inspirational Community Member by West Midlands Police. 

As a certified Coach through MOE Foundation, Imani has worked with  corporate organisations, coaching interns, Social Justice organisations such as Act Build Change, coaching practitioners; 1 to 1 / in groups and Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs, pioneering social change.  

Many of Imani's coachees are frontline workers in education, social care and social justice organisations; she supports them to reflect on their pedagogical approach and practice, so they have the confidence to lead on high impact initiatives at their place or space - empowering them to work in line with their values and challenge the status quo.

I worked with Imani on the Character Education and Mentoring Practical Handbook. It was great to work with Imani and bring her unique perspective across both areas to bear on the publication. It’s a great output and Imani was a pleasure to work with. It has been well-received by practitioners and should continue to be used in schools.


I love engaging with and listening to people and my connections have allowed me to explore Being Human from many angles. My route into coaching is a response to my own journey - trying to find my place in the world, to have the courage to pursue my passion and purpose, whilst navigating the current vibrational-state of the world we live in, share, and journey in and through daily.


My approach is strength based, and I aim to encourage individuals to not be defined by their current situations and environment. I use my skills and experience to connect and empower people through the language of philosophy, wellbeing and morality. 


You can arrange a call to learn more about my coaching philosophy and book a free 30 minute sample session to see if coaching can work for you.  People usually work with me for 3 months, in person or virtually, and I offer a sliding scale for payment dependent on your circumstances.  We will discuss what works best for us both!