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A snapshot of Imani's freelance portfolio


Host Facilitator 

Education for Liberation

Feb - Aug 2021

Curating and facilitating a global peer-led 6 month learning accelerator; Education for Liberation. Participants create their own curriculum, share networks, skills and support each other to grow as people & professionals. We believe that placing peer-to-peer relationships at the heart of learning creates huge potential for a more inclusive approach to education. We also know that a very deliberate effort is required to deliver those benefits in reality. We are a peer group of 10 teachers, students, visionaries, activists, disruptors and so much more; all coming together to reimagine education. 

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Learning Designer and Consultant

Character Education and Mentoring

Aug - Oct 2020

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues Centre have recently published a Character Education and Mentoring, handbook in collaboration with Imani Academy. The practical handbook offers an overview of the value of virtues and character education for mentors in education, going on to present a case study and practical guidance for those looking to introduce a character-led approach to mentoring. Key takeaway points noted within the Handbook include the need to: create a bespoke whole school mentoring programme in line with the mission, vision and ethos of the school; train staff to be mentors, equip them with tools to provide quality 1-2-1 support for mentees; record and feedback to the mentee how their character strengths are being demonstrated through the mentoring sessions, reflect on what is going well and where there is room for growth. 

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Learning Designer and Facilitator

Reimagining school safety and youth-community inclusion

In process

How can we learn and feel like we belong, at the same time?

This question is driving the work of a long term project. Imani is using this question to bring to light the work that some people are doing to “fit in” to our communities, as well as help us acknowledge ways that we can provide space for more people to feel they have the opportunity to belong. She will be working with young people and adults, encouraging them to think 
about the different roles we all play in movements and organisations, in pursuit of 
equity, liberation, inclusion, and justice.

Self - Exploring identity and leadership styles whilst building foundational knowledge of the differences between fitting in and belonging

Community - Developing and gaining a deeper understanding of local community barriers and issues whilst exploring what community means to each of us

The Role of Self Within Our Communities - Exploring civic leadership and reflecting on the needs, values, and visions we would like for ourselves and others

Youth Participation Consultant and Facilitator

Youth Participation through Character Education

In process

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This summer term Imani Academy are partnering with University of Birmingham School to facilitate a Youth Participation Project for their Year 10 students.

The project will explore what purpose, place and identity means to students in the current climate.

 Providing space and time for students racialised as Black and People of Colour, to reflect on their lived experiences. This youth led project will feed into wider school aims to become a truly civic and anti racist school, informed by the voices and experiences of their pupils.

The workshops will include craftivism, cartography, safe-space discussions, interactive activities and a showcase led by the students to share with the school community.


To document the work we have created a blog for the school, run by the students and for the students (link to be shared here soon). 

 If you would like to work more collaboratively with students at your school, get in touch to find out about Imani Academy's youth participation consultations and how we can host one at your school or organisation! 


Youth participation projects can have a number of facets, depending on the identified needs/challenges. 


Interested in collaborating and partnering on a project for you, your organisation or school? Drop me an email. Full portfolio available on request. 

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