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Updated: Jan 1

I'm a Facilitator, Consultant and Coach in the UK, I help people to lead high impact initiatives & campaigns. I support people to work in alignment with their values & turn challenging conversations into energising ones.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is about guiding people to achieve their goals. Providing them dedicated space and time to assess where they are in life, where they would like to be and the next steps they are going to take to get there. Before I became a coach myself, I worked with a coach (and still do) after I experienced a redundancy whilst completing my masters and had lots of change happening in my life. Coaching helped build my confidence and gave me clarity… I was able to engage in a moment of pause, to think about what was working well for me, where I wanted to see improvements in work and life and decide where I wanted to focus my time and energy.

How Does Coaching Work?

Quite often people reach out to me for coaching because they want to look at their professional roles and responsibilities. But when we get to the root, there tends to be other things at play — they might want to start a passion project, begin studying, find a new job in alignment with their values… not just work less hours.

In coaching sessions we explore what their strengths and values are — what is important to them and how they would like to be in the world, for themselves and others. People almost always know that there is something different that they want in their lives. I encourage them to tune into their innate wisdom and trust that they hold the answers within themselves.

Together we create a guiding north star; with set goals to achieve on the way to their north star goal. We usually meet biweekly, my coachee brings a topic that they want to focus on. Following the GROW coaching model, I facilitate the coaching conversation. This helps people to be curious about their own learning and growth, free from judgement — as they figure out their next steps.

Coaching for social change makers

When I think about coaching I see my role to be responsible for a structured partnership that helps people to reach their full potential and create plans that are manageable, motivating and specific. Coaching is about unlocking potential and supporting people to move from self criticality to a more positive, can do mindset. Through effective questioning and listening well, I help my coachees have a more forward thinking approach to the life they want to live.

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I’m a guide by my coachees side, I won’t tell them what to do — I’ll inquire, repeat their words back to them to reflect and apply a thoughtful approach to our interaction when working together.

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