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Youth Participation 101 training

A 3-part training course designed to provide you with the principles, process and practice of positive youth participation.

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This programme is for you if:

  • You want to gain theoretical knowledge of youth participation principles and practice

  • You want to boost your confidence, promote youth voice, and foster skills to implement positive youth engagement in your organisation.

  • You want to learn how to gather insights and create new youth offerings for young people you work with

  • Are new or experienced practitioners who haven’t had the chance to reflect on theory and/or practice alongside sector peers.

  • You will explore and gain a deeper understanding of the complex power dynamics at play in your work and the organisations and wider systems you work within.

  • You’ll learn how to identify and articulate your own power and position within different spaces and relationships and discern between different forms of power - to make room for and hand over power to young people.


What we will cover:

Three 2.5-hour sessions exploring the What, Why, and How of youth participation, offering resources and approaches for engaging young people. Emphasis is on boosting confidence, promoting youth voice, and fostering engagement in your organisation. You will discover how to promote effective participation in your practice, the spectrum of involvement, the benefits and barriers to participation and how to value and encourage the voices of young people in order to build their character and leadership potential. Each participant will have the option to schedule follow-up coaching calls to reflect on learning and get help on any programmes or initiatives you decide to pursue. 

You can expect each session to include a combination of individual and peer-peer group work. 

This training course is open for booking as an 'in-house' program, catering to your staff or as an offering to organisations you support or partner with. Ideal for CPD programs or Local Authorities.

Course Costs

We’re trying to keep our training as affordable as possible whilst ensuring we can deliver the quality and experience everyone wants. Our course has a sliding scale fee structure for individuals booking onto this course. We offer different costings for organisations booking a cohort for their staff. If you need further support to attend financially please get in touch, we reserve two bursaries places per course. We offer bespoke training for organisations, with discounts for shorter sessions. Schedule a call to discuss your specific needs by emailing

Imani Academy & Co_final brand assets 2023_RGB_pp_background_dark green.png

Your Trainer

Imani Clough-Brown

"Feeling invigorated and equipped to continue to improve our meaningful inclusion of youth voice at 
Youth Futures Foundation 
after a super informative and interactive first session of three from Imani."

Imani is the founder and principal consultant of Imani Academy & Co ('co' for collective), where she advises, consults and coaches organisations and individuals who are driven by a sense of purpose. She supports them to create meaningful programmes, lead purposeful movements, while contributing to social change. Her areas of expertise include youth justice, leadership development, and participation. 

She has 10+ years’ experience of working for educational, social and environmental justice, across civil society, purpose-driven business and academia.

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