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A message from our Founder and Director

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

A deep and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported me and my work with Imani Academy & Co, from 2017 through to 2023. I am often in awe of the of the people I’m fortune to be surrounded by.

When I started Imani Academy & Co, then just Imani Academy it was me and my passion to inspire, uplift and empower young women; with a mission to support young women to speak up, advocate for themselves and know that they are phenomenal 365 days a year. As I always say Imani Academy has grown with me.

Today, we’ve grown to become an inspiring, collaborative and courageous youth development consultancy, supporting the character and leadership development of young people.

We have changed. The world has changed. And now our brand identity is changing to reflect the future we want to build. We’ve spent the last 4–8 months creating this new brand behind the scenes. And finally, it’s here!

I’ve been working behind the scenes to nurture and grow Imani Academy & Co. I spent 4 of those months speaking to young people, previous clients and supporters and working with a designer to do a brand refresh; this helped me gain clarity around what we do and what we offer, to create a brand identity that captures all that we do.

We have a new logo, and you might have noticed a slight name change, Imani Academy & co, the ‘co’ for collaborators, associates and facilitators. We want to be a bold and trustworthy voice that listens, and supports young people to take control to build the lives they want to lead. It’s time to shift the tides of power and for young leaders to have their rightful seat at the table.

On the 28th April we are hosting a Lunch and Learn. Join us to learn how you can apply the principles of youth participation - to celebrate and support children and young people's voices - to develop their character and leadership potential - in your work or organisation, through our flagship training course; An introduction to youth participation: character and leadership.

We welcome anyone as passionate as we are about youth voice and leadership, to challenge the status quo and join us on our collective journey.

Hear all about my background, drive and mission for Imani Academy & Co by listening to a podcast or two :

  • One Million Mentors - In 2017, I was amongst the very first cohort of one million mentors mentees. I applied to be the Mayors Mentee and began my 2 year mentoring journey with Andy Street.

  • Jubilee Centre - In this podcast I explain how my studies have helped me to develop the holistic well-being and character of the young people I work with

More interviews and media from me here:

  • Citizenship - UCL Belonging podcast - In this podcast you can here from myself and students of University of Birmingham School reflecting on the Fitting in vs Belonging initiative led by Imani Academy & Co at their school

Thought pieces, provocations, collaborations and blogs written by me

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